My Informercial- Sneakers

(Infomercial jingle) Ladies & gents: what shoe size are you? Or better yet, what size are your sneakers? Are you, like me, a 7.5/8? I know that depending on the brand, I can wear a 7.5 or an 8.
Now, how much do you pay for these sneakers? $80? $90?  $150+? Well pay that price no more! Because right now you can have your favorites (and then some) for the low, low price of $59.99!

Ok, enough with the crap. Truth is, I’ve been overpaying for sneakers ever since my body decided my feet will be 7. I then began to buy men’s sneakers (because I thought they were cooler than ladies’) in size 5.5. Less expensive than a men’s size 9 shoe but still the price as a women’s size 7. Then, one day, I came to the realization that if I could convert my shoe size to men’s sizing, I could probably do it for kid’s sizing. I went on a hunt. It was trial and error for me: I tried on different sizes of kid’s shoes until I found that I fit comfortably into a size 6/6.5 (again, depending on the brand and how the sizing runs). Now, kid’s sneakers are essentially what I look for. I still gravitate towards ladies’ and at times even men’s, but honestly, kids have some pretty darn cute styles. Lots of options and all versatile. Added plus: I’m paying less per pair! $70 bucks for a woman’s sneak usually means it’s about $50 in kids (depends on the shoe, & size). Try it out for yourself!

And you can wear sneakers AT ANY AGE. Just make sure they fit your personal style- and your feet. Check out my favorite styles from Finish Line and Foot Locker:


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