First Karan, Now Lauren...

Yes. It's true. After 48 years, founder of his eponymous brand, Ralph Lauren is stepping down as CEO. His successor is Gap Inc. exec, Stephen Larsson.
Here are my greatest Ralph Lauren moments:

1. The Ralph Lauren started his company, 48 years ago, selling ties. He went to the same high school as I did, although back then it was an all boys school (and not the mess it is now). There was a mural of a teddy bear wearing a cozy turtleneck Ralph Lauren sweater & jeans. I used to pass by that everyday after lunch and whenever I was in my extracurricular activities (yearbook, art).

"In the 1957 DeWitt Clinton High School yearbook, Ralph Lauren wrote "millionaire" as one of his life goals... Lauren has an estimated net worth of $6 billion." (Kathleen Elkins, Business Insider, "From Dirt Poor to Billionaire", 2015)
2. The Ralph Lauren mansion (not a home) on Madison Ave, NYC, is worth visiting. It is breathtaking- you almost forget you're in a store, until you see a ivory frozen bodies of mannequins dressed, in RL. Obviously.

3. I will always be surrounded by the Ralph Lauren brand as a handful of my family members wear the brand. But, what will always stick with me is my father's affinity for the Polo Fragrances.

4. Ralph Lauren appearing on the sitcom, "Friends", as Rachel's/Phoebe's presumed hook-up.  

5.  And I cannot neglect to mention the clothing/brand. Exuding Americana spirit, it is versatile: casual & simple yet luxurious, impeccably made.Way back when I first discovered fashion magazines, I'd stare for literally hours at Ralph Lauren ads, the riding boot being my favorite item. I am now lucky enough to have resources to purchase one. And hey, maybe one of these days, that's exactly what I'll do. Which Ralph Lauren boot?

If Lauren, a man from humble beginnings, can become successful, well so can I- and so can you!


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Ralph Lauren Mansion Image: NY Times,


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