After a killer 30 minute workout with a trainer at the gym, as I watch one of my favorite shows Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations, I sit and reflect.

I am not quite sure why my mind takes this route, randomly. Maybe it's the endorphin and adrenaline pulsating throughout my body or the crude and overly descriptive way Bourdain speaks (which I personally love. It's exactly how I read my fictional books: with flair.). Or maybe it's social media- Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr- which I tend to check on a regular. Or maybe, it's just my damn self over thinking things. once again.

People truly believe that their happiness lies within others. We think: If my family is happy, then I'll be happy. If my significant other is happy, then I'll be happy. If my children are happy, then I'll be happy.
But how is that true? How come we never think: If I'm happy, then I'll be happy ?
We are human. We sympathize, empathize (and synthesize) with others' emotions. If we watch someone get hurt, we cringe, almost as if we feel the pain as well. We absorb others' feelings, both the good and the bad. We let others affect us (even when we think the opposite).
But we need to focus on our own aura. We need to learn to enjoy life, in our own right. 

When we are constantly looking for others' happiness to feel it for ourselves, we forget that happiness comes from within. It is a feeling that comes from you, not your mom or dad or material things. The emotions we absorb from others are temporary. Seemingly perfect, is not perfect. Seemingly happy, is not happy.

Allow yourself to love and care about others WITHOUT letting them affect your inner peace. This takes a while to learn but it is possible. At some point, you have to give to yourself as much as you give to others. So don't let others who say your are "cold" or "selfish" affect you either: everyone loves and shows emotions differently. Everyone is fighting their battles. Everyone is learning at their own pace. Stop trying to impress others. Impress yourself.

"People can only meet you as deeply as they have met themselves."
-Matt Kahn


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