Flats '15

Every once in a while, I become utterly obsessed with a particular style of clothing, handbag, accessory, brand. Some things, for me, never go out of style: striped shirts, jeans, black everything (!) so I will literally buy them in twos or threes just to have different variants or the same style. In my mother's words "Mira muchacha- tu te has vuelto loca comprando!" Translation: Look girl, you are are going crazy shopping! 
I just can't have enough! Too many stores have too many amazing clothes (on sale).

My December obsession: suede laced/strappy flats. It's a low key way to be sexy- and comfortable, stylish. I've scoured the sites of some of my favorite brands to bring a list of my top styles, perfect for every season.

Belgravia Suede Point-Toe Lace-Up Flats 695.00
Finest Pom-pom Velvet Ghillies  48.00

Stay fab & comfy! 



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