For many people, cutting their hair is no big deal. “It’s just hair; it’ll grow back.
For others, hair brings up all kinds of emotions, from anger and frustration to sadness and disappointment to elation and acceptance. 

My perception of hair dates back to when I was younger. To me, long, full, dark hair equated beauty and health. My family (both sides of my family) has beautiful hair and for the most part, all below the shoulders in length. My mother in particular, had a beautiful mane of wild yet tame-able curls. To me, her hair was perfection. (Lately she keeps is short and rarely has it curly, opting to straighten it at the salon instead). 
I loathed getting my hair cut. I hated the salon because it was full of scissor happy stylists. I was convinced they were jealous of my lengthy locks. Growing up, all my Barbie dolls had long, flowing hair. I disliked the ones with short hair.

What I’ve quickly noticed from cutting my hair is that hair length does not define beauty. Because of my aforementioned perception, the decision to cut my hair wasn’t made overnight. For months I would say I’d do it but chickened out. My excuse was that I wasn’t going to the salon, which was half true- I know how to style my hair so the need to go every other weekend to the salon became obsolete (except to cut my hair).

A moment that changed my outlook was when I watched Miss Jamaica 2015 in the 2014 Miss Universe competition. Instantly I thought she was the most breathtaking and unique- she was a breath of fresh air in a sea of extensions. A few other celebrities left a lasting impression: Lupita Nyongo, Jennifer Lawrence, Amber Rose. Beautiful women without long hair. Another aha moment was volunteering with cancer organizations and seeing beautiful bald women.

My boyfriend loves my new hair. And so does everyone else. My insecurities kept me from going through with cutting my hair but at 25, I feel that only God can stop me. The world is my oyster and I feel very sure of myself. 


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