New, Old You

*Blows dust of blog site* Wow! It's been a while! I've neglected my blog yet again. SMH. My goal is to post at least once a month now, which I am determined to do. #girlboss

Last week, a good friend of mine told me they wanted a makeover but didn't know where to start or what to do. So, being me, I immediately brainstormed some ideas that I've learned throughout the years on how to "makeover your life." These were all very effective for me. Hopefully it helps all you guys & ladies. (My friend loved it!)

Wardrobe makeover in five easy steps (& on a budget): 
Step 1: Clean, organize and edit ruthlessly - your entire casa. Throw out whatever has not been used in more than a few months or whatever doesn’t fit with the new style.
Step 2: Play Favorites. Somethings, we can’t ever let go of (me: sequin jackets I’ve worn maybe twice but thy're just sooo pretty!) and it’s ok to keep them. Just don’t say you can’t get rid of ANYTHING.
Step 3: Identify Must-Haves. These are classic pieces that never go out of style. Doesn’t matter how much they cost- it’s about their longevity and versatility. Check out my post (here) on how to shop for classic pieces that never go out of style. This can also help you identify those classic pieces, already in your wardrobe. 
Step 4: STOP paying Retail! Buy on sale. Always. Stores pay $2 for a scarf and sell it to us for $10. It's called a markup. Stop overpaying for things. Especially if they are trend items. (4 years of fashion school will do things to a woman). 
Step 5: Remember Your Best Looks. Don’t buy everything on trend; buy what works for you. Spend a little more on classics and a lot less on trends. Look at old pics and remember times when you felt your best. Also, remember your body type. We’re women: our bodies go through a lot of chances- embrace it. Dress for the body you currently have- not the one you had or want. Trust me, you'll feel and look better if you choose pieces that work with the current you.

Hair- For quick, and relatively easy, hair makeovers: (1) bangs are an option; (2) dying your hair or perhaps subtle highlights (makes a WORLD of difference); extensions/clip ins; or the good ol' chopping off the locks.

Spiritual- A lot of people set out to change appearances but forget to start their makeover from within. Detox your mind and your plate. If you're an avid takeout eater, try to get healthy options and indulge every so often. Clear your mind of negativity by going for a walk (or doing some sort of physical activity) and/or meditate. Read books. Take a class. Learn to cook something new. Travel (even if to a nearby city/state). People don't realize it but new experiences also enhance your mood and enrich your mind which in turn leads to a better outlook on life.  

Try these out and find what works for you. Love yourself as you are but always strive to be better than the person you were. 


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