Hispanic Heritage Month!

And if you couldn't guess it, I'm from the right-hand side of the island of Hispaniola. Yes- I'm a proud Dominicana!
I eat my mangu con los tres golpes and chimis, I love frozen chinola juice and I love my men tall, caramel and fuertes. ;) (Disclaimer: Happily taken by a hottie that fits that description.)

From Sept.-Oct., we celebrate ALL Hispanics. Whether you hail from Spain, the Caribbean, Central/South America, donde seas, donde quieras que vivas, raise your glasses of tequila (or Black Label or cups of Cuban coffee) and toast to being Latinos!

In honor of this month, I wanted to share 5 beauty tips from my ageless momma (she was "28" years old for three years in a row lol):

1. Get up and get moving. Even if it's chores around the house (her preferred choice of workout). 

2. Drink lots of water and don't eat past 7PM. If you do, grab a yogurt or fruit and drink a(nother) glass of water. 

3. To combat acne, every morning, every night wash your face with soap. At night apply lime juice to face before bed. (She would make us scrub a quarter slice of the lime to our face, for a little exfoliating action).

4. Home cooked is ALWAYS better than take out. And don't forget to floss!

5. This is one she is notorious for: STAY OUT OF THE SUN (as much as possible). She loves the outdoors but you'll never catch her without a hat and sunglasses- and TONS sunscreen. 

Share your beauty tips from your momma. Stay tuned for more tips, tricks and advice from my massive (& crazy) Hispanic family.


No importa lo lejos que viajes, siempre recuerda tus raíces. 


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