Random Post

Under "Today's Hits" Radio on Pandora, I listen to Alessia Cara's "Here" followed by Lady Gaga belting out "Million Reasons." Then a commercial. Two commercials. Sure know how to kill a vibe. Next song? JT's "Can't Stop the Feeling." Great.

"I'm sorry if I seem uninterested. Or I'm not listening, or I'm indifferent;"
"If I had a highway I would run for the hills;"
"And under the lights when everything goes;"
"I got this feeling in my bones;"
"I ask myself what am I doing here?"

Can't hear myself think... Is this what being in your 20's is like? Doing random things for excitement, trying to feel complete. Try to fill a void but you don't even know what's missing.

Is it financial security? Is it more laughter? More sex? More love? More travel? Is this void truly from within? Or is it without?

Food for thought.



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