The Stuff of Millennials

“On Wednesdays, we wear pink.”
And just about every other day of the week.
-Millennials, (2012-Present)

Ye Rin Mok, Getty Images

I knew something was seriously wrong (or not) with me when I was craving all things pink. (Well, ahem, not ALL things, but you get my drift.) 
Everywhere I turn, it seems that SOME thing is in “Millennial Pink.” This isn’t the in your face Barbie Pink or barely pink Baby Pink (which surprisingly, a lot of Millennial mothers- yowza!- are consciously trying to staying away from. Example my sister’s request to have a non-baby pink baby shower and non-pink clothes for her baby gyal). 

This post was inspired by my morning routine, aka TheSkimm, which took me on a trek to The Cut then to several other related tabs (See “Why Millennial Pink Refuses to go Away” for further explanation).

I tried my very best to stay away from the color after its association with some pretty overkill choices: thanks, Barbie and the 90’s and kitchens of 50’s (which I’ve now actually grown to love). As a youngun' I also loathed the pink undertones of my skin. I was perpetually pink. But, reality sank in not too long ago when I realized all my favorite shades of nail polish and lip gloss, are 50 shades of pink; that even though black is my go-to color, pink somehow slips into my wardrobe. 

Every visit to any makeup counter, I’d search for pink blush (NARS) and pink gloss. At the nail salon, I’d spend 5-10 minutes debating between cobalt and emerald, only to grab a soft pink. My current obsessions? Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush and the Tartiest Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint. And Zara’s spring collection, especially this top V-Neck Choker Top.

So in honor of the pink craze, here are a few of my Polyvore outfits. (Only a few because apparently- I have more than 24 outfits that include pink!!)

1. Cami
6. Bows
10. GNO

Disclaimer: Pink is NOT my favorite color. Blue is. All beautiful shades of it.


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