#BBMA 2017

Um, did you all watch the Billboard Music Awards last night?! If you didn't you missed out because it was one of the greatest music awards the past few years has seen. Four words: CHER and CELINE DION. Living LEGENDS! Celine Dion had myself and co-host Vanessa Hudgens teary eyed. With Cher, I was jumping on my couch. And while everyone on Twitter is concerned about her missing nipple, I'd like to know what she does to stay so fit. She's 71! She looks amazing!

The red carpet was a sight to be seen. Very interesting choices. My favorites:


On another note, my condolences to those who have lost loved ones at Ariana Grande's concert in Manchester. Still under investigation as to what caused this explosion but it's just sad that it even happened...

#bbma #redcarpet2017 #celebrities
Disclaimer: Images are not mine. Retrieved from Billboard site, who got them from Wireimage (Steve Granitz) and Getty Images (John Shearer).


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