As human beings, we need a lot to survive: shelter, water, proper nutrition, oxygen... end of thinking capacity. Dominicans have their own set of  necessities to survive, especially when they've immigrated to a different country. I've listed 5 of these "survival essentials" below.

5 things Dominicans can't live without (no matter how far from the island they go):

1. A phone plan with unlimited minutes for international calls to Dominican Republic. ¡Hay demasiado bochinche que contar, dejame decirte!" Indirect translation: There is too much gossip for 500 minutes/month for a Dominican. Let's do some math: 20 cousins, 4 grandparents/great grandparents, 10 aunts and uncles. Cousins get 30 minutes each. And that's it; there goes 600 of the 500 free minutes/month (in less than a week) and a higher phone bill.
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2. Vick's Vapor Rub. Or as they call it "Vi Vapo Ru". It's the cure all, end all pains. Got a pimple? "Vi Vapo Ru." Headache? Rub your temples with "Vi Vapo Ru". Man ain't acting right? Stick "Vi Vapo Ru" in his eyes. [Disclaimer: DO NOT put Vick's in your eyes or anyone else's. ¡Pica como el diablo! Just a joke people. Sheesh!]
Vicks® 3.53 oz. Vaporub Jar
"Vi Vapo Ru" 

3. Aguacate. Avocados are to Dominicans as Kale is to a hipster: essential at every meal.
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Avocado Dog
4. Music. The younger generation in my family listens to everything. We even jam to country music; ain't no shame in that! But the older generation? Strictly their bachata, merengue, perico ripiao (yes the dancing is for 30 minutes), baladas

5. Dominoes. My grandmother told me she won't visit my apartment until I get a set of dominoes and table to play on. {Thinking emoji}. Aside from baseball, playing dominoes is a favorite pastime for Dominicans of all ages. But before you sit at the domino table with veteran Dominican domino table ask yourself this: Am I emotionally ready to get yelled at for making a wrong move? Oh yeah: things can get heated. Fast.
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PS: This doesn't apply to all. But trust that it applies to most.

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