Kumbaya my Lord

Let’s face the facts: as a human race we’re always going to butt heads and not see eye to eye. The world is inhabited by complex individuals with their own perspective of the world. Different ideals, different people. It’s unrealistic to think that one day we’ll all be hand in hand, singing “Kumbaya”.
When there are people terrorizing the innocent, that’s a huge problem. And although we can’t change everyone’s mindset, we can at least attempt to come to a common ground. Let’s not be naive: there is NO persuading certain mindsets. Unfortunately, there will always be “evil” where there is good. To us, attacks such as what happened in Manchester are horrific. To those who commit such attacks believe them to be a rite of passage. Different ideals, different people.
To pick up a newspaper or open a link and see beautiful and innocent children under the words "Victims of Attack" is heart breaking, sickening, to the point that you almost lose hope on other humans.
But we can't. It will not happen as quickly as we would like it to but change is possible. Our generation (though it has come with plenty of negative stigmas) has accomplished a lot. Focusing on the positive: gay marriage is now legal (in most places). Smoking cigarettes is almost obsolete. I've lived half my life without WiFi and certain technologies we have today. And around the world there are people without water, woman without freedom, humans with limited to no rights.
Unfortunately, we can't undo generations of one way thinking. We can however unify to better understand different cultures and accept our differences (so long as we're not harming). That's the key to "world peace": live and let live WITHOUT harming others or oneself.
It's a tough pill to swallow when another person wants you to challenge your ideology. Be considerate of that. Change and world peace is possible but we can't give up on ourselves or each other. It will take decades, maybe centuries but we need to start somewhere.

I can write an essay on this topic but I'll leave at that.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, just stop killing the innocent.


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