2017 Wardrobe Must Haves

5 Wardrobe “Needs”

1.       Camo Tee - I'm very picky about the cut (low v-neck) and shade of "Army Green" this top comes in. Still hunting... but this top from Sanctuary comes pretty close. 

2.       Classic Converse - They're the best. Versatile and super comfy. I wore mine until they were no longer wearable. Therefore, I need a new pair.

3.       Leather Jacket – I know, I know: it’s summer time. Why would I want to be a leather jacket now? Well, summer is actually the best time to buy cold weather essentials since they’ll be on sale. Not season= SALE. Buying bathing suits in the winter is the norm in fashion. 

4.       Ripped Jeans/Bermuda shorts - Can you ever have enough denim? The answer is no. So many styles, so many shades of blue... or black. 

5.       Stud earrings – Not too long ago, I was taking off my favorite pair of stud imitation diamond earrings and they fell underneath my bathroom sink. There’s no way of getting it out. The other sits alone in my bathroom cabinet. It was tragic.  Aldo has the best looks-like-the-real-deal jewelry.

Do you have any wardrobe “must haves”? Comment them below!



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