Love Yourself... & Others

It's amazing how caught up we get with shit that doesn't really matter. I'll be the first to admit that I shop a lot. I don't necessarily follow trends, but I always have "nothing to wear" meanwhile my closet is brimming with clothes and shoes. This morning, on my way to work, I saw a homeless man's butt. You may laugh. I honestly cringed and looked away as soon as I realized it. But this man had no shoes, the clothing he did have on were beyond tattered: they were pieces of cloth held together by the grace of God. To many he's a nuisance. To others he's disgusting... Flash forward to me laying in bed browsing social media. I come across a young man, a burn victim, with more self confidence than any of the Kardashians. (Ikendawg). He is an inspiration. On his page, he has an image of a child who committed suicide. The child was eight. Eight years old. I don't think I fully grasped the concept of death until my teen years. It scared me. Nowadays, unfortunately, it's a way out. People would rather die than live another day in their version of hell... For years, I hid my left hand from everyone, even the family members who knew I had burned it as a child. I don't remember the incident but I have the burn to remind me that it happened. People would cringe when they saw it and I absolutely hated that. I was self conscious about a lot growing up and a burned hand was the icing on the cake. People must have thought I was really peculiar... More than ever before I'm realizing how we give too much importance to shit that doesn't deserve our attention...  Thanks to the love of my life, his family, my own, and the amazing circle of friends I have, I've realized that life is what YOU make of it. "My daddy taught me I should love me haters, my sister taught me how to speak my mind. My man make me feel so goddamn fine."
I can say a line like that about everyone dear to my heart. And I hope to one day reach millions and to teach them that there is so much more to life than looks and stuff. I'm learning it all as I go but today was such a wake up call, I had to post. It's raw, unedited, straight from my mind to the screen before you. So what if there are grammatical errors or if I sound "ghetto." Oh yeah- it's been said before. It doesn't matter. My point has been made: be courageous enough to learn to love and admire yourself and others. As I always say, live and let live and stop harming yourself and others.  (Mic drop)


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