St. Robert, Missouri

Thursday, March 29th
"Which region of the US is Missouri a part of?" - what I Googled as I waited for my connecting flight from St. Louis to Fort Leonard Wood.
To be fair (although this is no excuse for my poor geographical skills) I'd only been this far west when I went to Chicago (I can't wait to go back!). I can name all the state's on the east and west coast but the USA's mid section? Sorry, but I have to pull out Maps.

Friday, March 31st
During my travels to Missouri, I was brimming with curiosity: Is it like in the movies? Wait- what movie have I even seen that's based in Missouri? Is it like a Nelly video? (Haha. Jk.) I was curious to know what people did for fun, what they ate, how they lived. I like observe. I like to learn about others. Side note: Pinterest has all the answers.
St. Roberts, MO is definitely not what I was expecting but I had only one sole purpose for visiting: to spend time with my hubby. It's been a while since I've seen him and God only knows when I'll get to hug him again. Maybe that's what is so exciting about the trip: that we were granted the opportunity (thank you Marines) to explore a new place together. Oh, and the puppies at K-9 Cabin! So cute!
It isn't Bora Bora or the Maldives, (not even close) but it is a chance to step out of my comfort zone (the concrete jungle) and be somewhere new. And new is always exciting.
Can't wait to go to St. Louis!

Sunday, April 1st
We didn't get to visit St. Louis yesterday. Womp. Legit almost missed my flight this morning. Womp womp. And it is now 2PM and I haven't had a chance to shower. (TMI but unfortunately, it's true).
I've been up since 5AM and can't function from lack of sleep, traveling and losing an hour of my day due to the time difference.
Moral of the story: don't let your significant other sleep by your alarm (they'll just hit snooze).
Stay curious. Stack up for traveling (new post about that soon). Enjoy life.


 St. Louis Airport, waiting for tiny plane.

How cute is the hotel room? Views of the Tower?! Yes! :) 

Views from my window.

 Breakfast area

 Lobby. Sucker for studded armchairs and Bonsai tree.

Fort Leonard Wood Airport

 Tiny plane. 

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